Bobby Charlton – Best Goals

Soccer Legends Video clip Rating: 4 / five


  1. Charlton´╗┐ and Best = Amazing ­čÖé

  2. Yes. Anyway, both are a legend in the history of British and world football. They are better than many of these players are´╗┐ appearing now and that can be only highlighted because of the media.

  3. Bobby Charlton is good at long shots, while George Best excels at´╗┐ ball control and speed.

  4. I’m not talking here about individual awards, but talent as a player. And this requirement, in my opinion, George Best´╗┐ was much better than Bobby Charlton.

  5. Sir Alex said he’s the best united player of all´╗┐ time. He also said noone strikes the ball like Bobby did- im only 23 and watching these clips I can see why- phenomenal

  6. Perhaps, because he was the only British captain capable of winning´╗┐ the World cup and also Ballon d’Or in 1966.

  7. It is not sarcasm, it’s just reality. I can not see anything remarkable in this player. Many say he is the greatest British player of all time. I do not agree. In my opinion, it was just a good player but not a genius´╗┐ like George Best.

  8. i sense a strong sarcasm..

  9. I loathe Chelsea club but I still consider Lampard to be top-notch.´╗┐ idk why you dont

  10. bobby charlton did not score 743 goals in his career he scored 277 goals

  11. @Judas013priest. Brian Clough didn’t disown his´╗┐ mother like Charlton did.

  12. 743 goals? He was a second rate midfielder…Not Pele. He only got knighted because he wasn’t killed in a plane crash.´╗┐

  13. 743 goals in his career…. nothing special? stupid cunt´╗┐

  14. oh yeah, Lampard is only a top 10 midfielder of his era, no´╗┐ big deal

  15. 60s Frank Lampard..nothing special.´╗┐

  16. Very weak that player.´╗┐

  17. Amazing´╗┐ player!

  18. he was´╗┐ better then zidane

  19. Ahem…´╗┐ More like Zidane is the French Bobby Charlton!

  20. Absolutely superb video of a red legend.The great Sir´╗┐ Bobby Charlton. Not only enjoying the goals, but also the music. Great stuff.

  21. 02:13 what´╗┐ a trick!!! by George Best

  22. Amazing´╗┐ video!!!!!!!!

  23. He looks exactly like my grandad:)´╗┐

  24. So proud to be distantly related to him:)´╗┐

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