Brian O’Driscoll on rugby’s physicality and his Champions Cup preview


  1. Phil Larder came from rugby league, which went professional a century before union, so not sure why O'Driscoll was sneering at his professionalism.

  2. The American NFL should be an example of what two problems exist: Speciality of positions in congruency to size (weight) is going to create more injuries by the disparity of size.  Impact by or from over-performing bodies, are going to damage the head is the dichotomy the NFL and Rugby has as well.  All sports want the optimal conditioned player, but the head / neck have a more difficult time to keep up with those harder contacts.  Concussions will rise in Rugby if we don't reconsider how we are playing, i.e. the laws.  That is the problem with the NFL, they don't look at tackling form: they allow in American football, any type of hitting (rules), and no wrap tackles.  In season Rugby should limit contact. As a player, I personally had more injuries myself on a Tuesday and questionable or not playing on Saturday.  As a coach, especially in America, we have to have tackle contact training sessions during the season at 50-75%, just to make sure new players get the form.  However, we don't do this very often during the season.  Rucking is done with pads.  Learn the mistakes by the NFL, don't get bigger!  Learn from the NFL, limit contact during the season.  Rugby should be prepared for more head-knocks if they don't watch their size: bigger is not necessarily better, which goes against the American psyche.

  3. all on the piss

  4. Watched whole vid. Really enjoy BODs POV and points raised by everyone are great

  5. Its cool to see them talk in the studio. So has jerry thronley been axed? I thought he was very informative and brought value to the show.

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