Buts Eric Cantona – Chanson Raymond Bizarre

Football Legends Online video Ranking: 4 / 5


  1. mdr la zik et nul mai frenchement bien cantona

  2. c’est beau,…

  3. le 27 mai, le meme jour que la finale de LDC manchester barça !!!

  4. je connaissais pas ! merci c’est TERRIBLE ♥

  5. @Malte9022 The original is in English. Youtube removed it and I have not
    been able to find it since then.

  6. tres bien

  7. @vivi34130. Vive Cantona !!! Musique venant de son DVD collector.
    anthologique !!!

  8. @roskar i remmember that one, cant find it either

  9. Chingados, cual es el pedo con este wey?

  10. anybody has the lyrics and translation to this song?

  11. @ianhitman thanks a lot, i really appreciate it!

  12. nice video

  13. comment s’appelle la chanson?? je ne la trouve nulle part ailleur

  14. @TheCanto007 Mdrrrrrrrrrrrr ! j’adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. Superbe. Bravo !

  16. i have been looking for this song for ages! thanks for posting it :))

  17. @bu9ul6an First verse is: He’s a star that Eric Cantona, the best
    footballer manchester united have ever had by far some call him a wild man
    because he’s caused alot of fuss. whats up with him why cant they see the
    lads a bloody genius. I say Oo la la la la la la la la thank you france for
    eric cantona.

  18. A chier la chanson, à chier, je la trouve ridicule.

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