Eric Cantona Erupts on a Crystal Palace Fan – Selhurst Park 1995

Football Legends Movie Score: 4 / five


  1. The French dont say fuck usa. The french were the only europeans to fight vs britain in the war for independence get your shit straight, we are the most prevalent europeans from the european continent in north america.

  2. Liverpool fan hate him put that little nazi got what was coming played cantona

  3. haha the fan running away like a little bitch cantona would fuck him up

  4. Balotelli drops – Aguero, he can win it.

  5. Pl

  6. I think Andy Townshend made the best comment regarding this matter…..”i don’t have an ounce of pity for that b*****d supporter…i bet his f*****g a***hole hit the floor when he saw Eric jump over that fence”.

  7. He was abusing cantona’s mother and heard the palace fan to this day is still an idiot, got arrested recently for attacking a Sunday league referee.

  8. i hate stereotypes but as a french must say FUCK USA

  9. hahaha and fergie goes on about suarez stupid cunt…….he just wants suarez at utd jealous cunt!!!!!!!! fuck utd, fuck fergie – suarez hail hail mon the reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Agreed below wish it had connected properly with his ugly mug cantona is a legend

  11. Love Eric cantona! Fucking legend! The palace fan got we he deserved in the end!

  12. Dirty French Cunt !!!

  13. Only a scumbag would do that

  14. I’m French. How bout u look at the facts which are true faggot

  15. I hope your not an 18 year old amercan as your profile claims you to be; in that case this is the most pathetic rant ive ever seen.

  16. Don’t think he’s a cockney…but see how fast he runs when Cantona gets on his feet? CPFC not even a real football team…they are toilet!

  17. Haha hes gota be or hes grindin it out in npower right now

  18. Well said mate, I couldnt have put it better myself. Freethequeen is a Chelsea man, probably started following them when the Russian stepped in.

  19. Dont disrespect my heritage bastard. If ur tryin to talk trash about the starting striker who won 4 epl titles and 2 fa cups in five years makin him the Finisher responsible for man u’s revitalization after two decades of not winnin shit, then u probably dont know a football from ur round ass thats prob got kicked a few times, freethequeen


  21. Exactly

  22. eric is a wanker,,,,,he got abuse everywhere, he decided to large it at palace’s family section, the french poof

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