Eric Cantona Top Goals

Soccer Legends Video clip Rating: four / five


  1. That slide kick and cross by giggs was brilliant

  2. o cara jogava com alegria,

  3. The most bizarre goal ever is the one against Liverpool in the FA Cup
    Final. The keeper kicks the balls away, it bounces off the Lpool player,
    Cantona is there at the right time and the right place, takes a couple of
    steps back onto one leg and crashes it at the back of the net when there
    must have been a good 20 players in the penalty area! Luck or genius?!

  4. best goal was the chip

  5. fuck this where is his memorial match goal? the munich air disaster

  6. That music, it was wierd….

  7. he looks confused in his last goal in this vid.

  8. لاعب محترف وموهوب. لكن يفتقد للاخلاق الرياضيه ونسبتي لي يعجبني روحه
    الكرويه. الجنسيه: كويتي البلد: الكويت

  9. No disrespect to the man but at 2:31 I swear he looks like Louie Spence.

  10. one of top 5 united strickers

  11. @timo4100 lol 😀

  12. I was and still am a big roy keane fan,but at my first game at ot I saw
    cantona doing kick ups in front of me and the way he moved the ball around
    was hypnotic.i was lucky enough to see ronaldo,rooney and others but
    cantona was something else

  13. As a Villa fan I hate united as much as the next bloke who doesn’t support
    manyoo, but that final goal of the collection, bloody hell that’s a joy to
    watch. The celebration just caps it off.

  14. legend

  15. the magic 7

  16. He is what being Manchester United No.7 is all about, LEGEND!

  17. NY Cosmos!!!!!

  18. this commentator is the best english commentator

  19. @SuperShakai619 dry 240p joke we meet again

  20. FUCK! I LOVE THOSE ENGLISH COMMENTATORS!!!!! and cantona is a legent…
    greetings from greece

  21. ; ]

  22. Magnifique ..

  23. like if u know the last goal of fifa 2006 (L)


  25. @Gaussdxdydz was against wimbledon in the FA cup 93/94 season i think we
    won 3-0 i remember it well

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