Eric Cantona’s 82 Manchester United Goals 1992/1997 | QuickfireGoals Episode #15

Soccer Legends Video clip Score: 4 / five


  1. 76´╗┐ was awesome ­čśÇ

  2. why´╗┐ you being so harsh on chelsea????

  3. Legend!! Ooh ah cantona!´╗┐

  4. Where´╗┐ is his lob

  5. Is arrogance was cool, unlike balotelli’s! A DRINK´╗┐ A DRINK A DRINK TO ERIC THE KING THE KING THE KING

  6. Look at the´╗┐ success he had aswell with us, prick!

  7. Just to remind´╗┐ you, football in the 90’s was what I’d call FOOTBALL! proper tackles and none of the bull shit these days!

  8. So Zidane is not a legend because he headbutted Materazzi? Cantona was getting verbal abuse about his mother from that fan, yes the kung fu kick was overboard but its no worse than what´╗┐ maradonna did in his career (is he not a legend)? You didnt answer for Bergkamp. His goal ratio for a second striker is abismal, yet he is a legend of the game. Or do you just have a personal dislike for Cantona?

  9. Del Piero is the best goal scorer in Juves history, with 286 goals. So I would not really compare them two. And if you consider Eric being a legend then i have no words, I would not call a prick like Cantona a legend who almost killed a person in the stands, and did all kind of bad things. A legend is like Del Piero, a true gentlemen both on and off the pitch. Cantona is maybe a legend to the man utd fans, but not to football. Not even near, considiring all´╗┐ bad things he did,

  10. hahaha is bergkamp overrated? Is del piero overrated? These are players with poorer scoring ratios than cantona in the same position. You sound like a child who only just started watching football since messi started scoring goals. Cantona has 80 goals and 70 assists in 185 appearances, he is a legend of the game and club. You need to watch more football and not´╗┐ read stats.

  11. So? In my opinion 80´╗┐ goals is not good enough when you play as a striker/second striker, and in 185 appearences that is not good. He is overrated.

  12. you serious? bergkamp got 120 in 420. Cantona scored and´╗┐ assited 1 a game in his premier league career.

  13. the times when beckham wasnt wearing the no.7, not the no.10, but´╗┐ no.24…

  14. Good enough to´╗┐ win 4 out of 5 premiership titles…..

  15. Ah, missed´╗┐ number 13..

  16. I could see two clearly…..#13´╗┐ and 62

  17. dammmm when giggs and beckham were very´╗┐ little childs

  18. Yeah, Rooney go´╗┐ home!

  19. mission impossible haha´╗┐

  20. Only´╗┐ one goal against Arsenal? Bt thats ok, cause that oe goal was amazing!

  21. Yeah,´╗┐ not once did the keeper guess right!!

  22. With a´╗┐ bit of luck yes.

  23. Goal #66 was art´╗┐

  24. Make A Ruud Van Nisteroly Manchester´╗┐ Uniteds goals

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