George Best And Rodney Marsh Fulham v Hereford Utd

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  1. Damn, there was some football played that day.

  2. George Best – Indian!!!

    (repsect to Sanjeev Baskars “Goodness Gracious Me” character )

  3. Fulham have got loads of money and are still sh*t! Hereford never had any
    money.I’m not surprised Fulham won this match!

  4. we ripped the piss out of hereford.lmao..FTID!!

  5. Was a bit of a freak show. Marsh and Best didn’t give a shit. They were
    taking the piss. It all ended in tears for them soon after this game.

  6. you could tell Best was unfit here….certainly not a fit as Marsh was…
    however he was only 29/30 at the time & with a bit of conditioning probably
    could have walked back into a top flight team…

  7. The days when football was played with a smile on the face

  8. @thirlbeyrd damn kids… Backpass rule came into force in season 1992/93….

  9. wow good team

  10. Really brought me back, brilliant, thanks for posting

  11. great clip, cheers.

  12. @supahdupahguy81 Yeah I might be a kid but the answer from the previous
    person “early 90s” was JUST enough for me thanks for the unsought statement
    Mr elder

  13. Kevin Sheedy the Irish and Everton legend comes on as sub

  14. What could Rooney learn off this? Learn to play well against Hereford
    United when you are past your prime?

  15. Why life is really – get on with it stop fecking whinging!

  16. Just look how much space they are alloowed to play in…play ground stuff

  17. Great to again see the Marsh goal that curled in that’s been tattooed on my
    brain since I first saw it at 13. Nice work.

  18. Two amazing footballers, but, what a pair of wankers of the field.

  19. Rooney could learn so much watching these two. Although Rooney will never
    have the talent.

  20. @thirlbeyrd … I remember it was sometime in the early 90s

  21. Love you George, what a player!!!………..and I’m a Liverpool supporter!!
    RIP mate. You were one of the best.

  22. “i didn’t beat nine players, I beat three of them three times” …

  23. marsh playing for england under sir alf……if i see you are not
    trying,rodney,i will pull you off at half time. rodney….at man city we
    only get a cup of tea…………(or an orange)(i forget which) he never
    played for sir alf again.

  24. Fantastic stuff. I was at this game and still have the programme. I can’t
    believe it was so long ago. Later that season I went into the bar on
    Plymouth station while waiting for the train back up to London. I couldn’t
    believe my eyes when I realised that George Best, Rodney Marsh, Bobby Moore
    etc were all in there. I managed to get George Best’s and Bobby Moore’s
    autographs and still have them. Two legends of the game and both great
    heroes of mine.

  25. George Best looks like Charles Manson in this one.

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