George Best…best Goal Ever

Football Legends Video clip Rating: 4 / five


  1. EXACTLY! But which is better do ya think?? I reckon Zlatans, but he must have seen this for inspiration! XD

  2. Best just raped Messi with tat goal!

  3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ajax!

  4. BEST

  5. Boo I am good to raphlkjl

  6. Congratulations, nasl defenders are of course amazing

  7. Best player I ever saw.

  8. George Best is my fucking hero, proud to be from Northern Ireland -3

  9. And that was made by a 35 years old player!He must be the best player ever alongside Ronaldo da Lima.

  10. Best was as big as the Beatles …enough said..

  11. The game is called football.

  12. lol soccer in the U.S.

  13. Best was an old man here who was not even making an effort most nights, when he was in his prime back in 68 no one at any level could touch him.

  14. Ronaldo Messi good, Maradona Pele better, GEORGE BEST

  15. Best answer ever. He played hard. He drank hard. He banged hard. Hate the sideburns though.

  16. lol those are American defenders who are no match for George Best. Let one of the present greats play against them and you will see similar goals.

  17. messi is not fit to clean his boots

  18. N.I legend

  19. @NoiseMaker231 Best would do even better now with the perfect pitches we have today, and the fact defenders are’nt allowed look at a player funny without it being a booking. 🙂

  20. Why people feel sorry for him? He got famous,made a lot of money and fucked many women. How could life get better ?

  21. @eetjaarem That’s right kidda ! I’m 51 . What’s your point ?

  22. I dont understand when ppl argue hes not the greatest player ever

  23. Best is the BEST !!!!!!!

  24. Admit it, thi couldn’t happen against today’s defenders.

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