Johnson loses his temper again


  1. Martin Johnson what a wanker and prick no way a coach behaves like that out of his depth as English coach

  2. I'm pretty sure when Martin Johnson loses his temper it's a bit more intense than that. Actually very calm and reasonable, given that he'd probably heard and answered the same question a thousand times up to that point.

  3. You call that losing your temper.

  4. Whata wanker

  5. Martin Johnson is the BEST!!!
    the reporters should have got off his back!

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  7. Forget this video, don Scott you need medical help mate. Truly.

  8. why on Earth,,,does nobody like the English???,,,,,,,ermmmm,,,,,,let me think about that one for half a second,,,,,,Oh,I know,,,maybe it`s because they are British????,,,,,,,ermmmm,,,,,,,but then,why does nobody like the British?????,,,,,didn`t have to think much more than a quarter of a second over that one!!!!!!,ha ha,he he{offally funny,one is,when one gets goin,shockingly funny at times,,,If I do say so myself,,wrinkles just loves it,when I`m entertaining the slaves,,ermmhh,,I mean the staff,,,,ermmhh,no,I`m pretty sure I meant the slaves$?!%?sometimes  one can get distracted,especially when one thinks,and one gets even more worserer when one touches one self and even worserer than that,,,all hell breaks loose when wrinkles watches and touches her badger,dirty little  thing,she is,,,,the badger,,,not wrinkles,,,,,ya see,the thing is,,,most of the population of this little corner of this little planet,we all call home,seem to be somewhat uneducated,arrogant,spineless,hateful,war mongering ,contemptuous,rebellious,non-little-cup=of tea drinking,hateful,disrespectful (especially to peadofillia practicing  monarchs )neandrothal,ignorant ,anti democratic (especially undemocratic when it comes to Elizabeth,Randy peado Andy,necrophilliac loving,"I will kill you,if you don`t stop trying to be normal "like them,,,,let them eat cake" scumbags who are just not paying enough for their {I mean,ours,,,me and wrinkles pocket money,,,,from mummy Liz},tampon{used,by the way}sucking,lift a wrinkle and lick the sweat ,Charles and I.Sorry,I meant to say Charles and one (me and wrinkles,babe magnet)  ,,,,how many 1`s is that,4,,,so if one multiplys one by 4,,,,,stress is ones downfall at times,,,but,,,naturally it comes with the job. ,.I just take it on the chin and wrinkles?I hear you say,,,,,sometimes wrinkles makes me come in her ear,,,,she says it sounds a bit salty,,,,,,but hey,,,everyone to themselves,,,if one knows what one means,,,,,,,and if anyone knows what one means,its not really a big deal,,so please enlighten us ones.

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  9. That was shit.

  10. He wasn't even annoyed, nevermind losing his temper…

  11. Great player…not a great coach.

  12. since when did micheal berryman start playing rugby

  13. lol

  14. Johnson is getting butthurt badly


  16. These media monkeys jumping on Englands back ruined their world cup campaign probably because they are the only northern team to win the world cup. It happened with New Zealands media and the hate aimed towards Australias Quade Cooper during the tournament just because he had New Zealand roots. Just disgusts me really.

  17. @lilbigbrow You sure did. It was the 'visibly annoyed' bit, I think.

  18. As a Rugby lover and England supporter..I am the whole attitude of England's rugby heirarchy from the governing body to the players…whatever happened to sportsmanship and honour and fair play, gone the way of the Dinosaur. I'm no prude..but the whole thing is a disgrace.. Come on England..wake up! Even the staunchest fans are pissed off with your attitude.

  19. What an inept man-manager Johnson is!

    How the fuck did this plank get the top job?

  20. murdoch media are scum !

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