Jonah Lomu Rugby : Best tries on Playstation one


  1. how to grubber and bomb been three years and I still don't know

  2. ah not a patch on some of the tries im pickin up. check this out ..

  3. Why the hell in over 20 years they haven't been able to make a rugby game anywhere as good as this one??

  4. Moonbeam Chemicals!

  5. An international PS1 Jonah Lomu rugby fundraiser competition is in order. Haven't figured out the logistics but who's with me?

  6. The man was not only responsible for changing the game, he also inspired one of the best sporting video games ever created, i enjoyed 2 or 3 hours on this every day straight after school for a good year. RIP big man. so so gutted he's gone. x

  7. This is my childhood rip big fella

  8. I still have this game in its original case pristine

  9. Rest easy brother

  10. Rest easy, big fella

  11. How many people would be willing to pay for a remastered version for the ps3ps4 with the ability to play online?

  12. There are shenanigans in the lineout.

  13. What an amazing game this is. I found a good PS1 emulator a little while ago and now I play it all the time.

  14. h, the memories.  We had some epic duels between a few of us old school mates back in the day.

  15. i finally found a  decent ps1 emu. its called PCSXR' and th commentary's perfect on it with no '1 track ' bulshit so that its just not saying anything in th game  like in epsxe emu or any other emu for that matter. anyway i can finally play it. wel i found tht crash1 is also working properly too with this emu. (th platform on a stage got stuck at 1 point)

  16. lost my original ps1 disc ages ago, played this game for 10 years straight, tried ps1 emu but th commentators r on 1 track only so they just say anything and dont shut up, pity for me.

  17. Goodness me! That hit almost put him in ward 4!

  18. Still the best Rugby game

  19. Love this game I still actually got the original ps1 disc and it still works lol 

  20. Still the best Rugby game for a few reasons i think. Unsure why other Rugby game makers havent copied the "hold L or R pass button till tackled then release" offload!. Its fucken brilliant!

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