Jonah Lomu – The Legend | Tribute


  1. fucken glad I meet him r.i.p

  2. what a beast! jajaja i always love it. thank jonah

  3. My dad showed me about him ever since then He has been a inspiration R.I.P

  4. Awesome tribute. I was only 2 minutes in and it felt like I'd been watching for a couple of hours.

  5. Legend!

  6. May the earth rest lightly on you. You legend.

  7. rip to a true legend of rugby

  8. what a beast true warrior respect rip

  9. RIP the best

  10. Mais quel fusé ce mec

  11. all blacks are awesome to say the least… hope they whitewash the lions this time..#goldengeneration

  12. for how fast and big he was, he should've been illegal…RIP

  13. este tío era un máquina que barbaridad!!!

  14. WHAT A




  15. Le plus grand joueur de rugby de tous les temps. Merci de nous avoir fait rêver. Repose en paix Jonah, tu es une légende à jamais.

  16. Moi aussi j'aimerais devenir comme lui je fais du rugby

  17. worlds greatest rest in paradise cousin

  18. They didn't know what hit them. . . Bye Jonah . . !!

  19. RIP LOMU!

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