Martin Johnson – rugby legend


  1. 1:38 for why Rooney should already have retired in football.

  2. Johnson was a good player. Its just a pity he thought that was all that was required to make him a good coach.

    Its called hubris, and it ruined his reputation.

  3. Best Northern hemisphere lock , so far, and definitely top half dozen ever,

  4. Steve Waugh said to Matthew Hayden, if you start to think about retiring, you've already retired………..fair play Jonno :0)

  5. Martin Johnson was awesome and those that have put negative comments I think would be no where near his confidence levels we can all be virtual warriors on a keyboard and by the way England won world cup and also all the negativity and jealousy is weakness leaving the body..!

  6. Great player during his playing days for England & Leicester Tigers but at the same time, he was a cunt on, and off the field.

  7. Not that strange. In that era of rugby you could get a full cap for a country and then play for another one. He went over to New Zeland, got a few U21 caps and then came back because he wanted to represent England

  8. Saying Martin Johnson is this or that is all just a matter of opinion. As far as all time Locks are concerned, your looking a combination from….

    Johnson, Eales, Brooke, Botha, Matfield, Pelous, Dooley, Jones, Jack, Andrews etc etc

  9. it is strange how he used to be an All Black…

  10. @jrfkingsgate Cant argue about the player. Thing is he hasnt played for England for 7 years. After spending some time on the after dinner circuit he then accepted a job the dickheads in the RFU persuaded him he could do. He then spent the next 3.5 years making a total dick of himself. And now hes back on the after dinner circuit…

  11. @rockandroll4life1 Neither were his players that he coached – especially Johno himself.

  12. @jrfkingsgate Martin Johnson 0, Kiwi press 1. All the best with the retirement.

  13. @jrfkingsgate I always admired him. Great player !.

  14. John Eales, my favourite rugby player.

  15. @dartmoordog Vile, disgusting and a cheating asshole is probably what the Queen's grand daughter thinks of her newly wed husband. But it's great to see England's stand-in captain on CCTV enjoying himself down in Queenstown nonetheless. Grand slam chump.

  16. Not a shit career….it was a good career winning things as an overated player!

  17. Name a better lineout forward?Wade Dooley,Abdel Benazzi,Olivier Roumat,Paul O'Connell,John Eales and AL Charron….all equally as tough and alot better technically!

  18. Has anyone posted a video of Johnson playing with ball in hand?if so it must be the shortest video on you tube! most overrated player ever!

  19. @lholmes4183 I think Martin will do well if he just manages to keep his dirty filthy players in their hotel rooms come this World Cup. The last time your lot came to NZ your players were accused of rape. Martin was nowhere to be seen and Rob Andrews ending spending most of his time in NZ dealing with his lawyers back home. Grand Slam chumps.

  20. @lholmes4183 Funny how Nike never mentioned that they have done the same thing before like with France for example. Don't go tarnishing the credibility of other teams with your dirty brush. The title of the most arrogant rugby playing nation is reserved for your lot. Grand Slam chumps.

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