Martin Johnson strikes Christophe Juillet in the face


  1. As an Irish man I hated Johnson but let's be honest we all would've loved him to be our captain…Leader and a winner

  2. It amazes me yet that Johnson, with his height, strength and skills, found it necessary to plunge to these levels.

  3. People seem to have forgotten what a thug Johnson was before he was given the Lions captaincy. I remember at least 2 England tries that were called back becuase the touch judge had seen a Johnson punch.

  4. I'm French and M Johnson is one of the very few English players I respect but this, my friend, should be a red card….

  5. I'm sure if he had his time over, he'd make sure the french cunt was shitting teeth for 3 days

  6. Well I'm afraid Martin Johnson's thuggish attributes when compared to the current England captain don't even register on the fair play radar. Besides, when I was school, it was considered pretty cowardly to strike/hit/punch another boy when ie wasn't even looking at you….. but then that's the hallmark of most bullies isn't it.

  7. shit ref! shit decision! straight red all day!

  8. when i was a kid i got martin johnsons autograph and he had a bad attitude and was reluctant to sign because there was some mud on my paper. so when i got home i scribbled on his autograph with a brown pen (which just seemed a pooey colour) and then i ripped it up. HA

  9. I fucking hate the English but you must say that after Johnno fucked him he did let go of his shirt !

  10. It was only a love tap!  What's the problem?

  11. Now it would be a red card (provided the brits follow the rules when they are against them..). Nice to see that 2 direct hits did not take Juillet down….. Slugish hands? =)

  12. Not much of a punch, more of a slap, but the effect was devastating. I thought he'd been shot !

  13. Biggest shite house and over rated player ever! Have you seen the one where he punched weir? Shite house

  14. Rugby crawling towards football! A slight tap to the face just to let the french gentleman know that Mr. J. is
    not enamored with his shirt being held does not warrant a card. There should be a time out as in Icicle hockey
    where the begrudged players square up properly and have fisticuffs until one of them starts bleeding. Then
    they shake hands and carry on……………….

  15. To be fair, it's a shite effort of a punch.

  16. Mussolini was a cunt though Lol

  17. poor show johnson

  18. Another example of this guy's cowardice in striking someone who's not even looking at him.What a knob.

  19. as David Campese once said "everytime Martin Johnson finishes a game it's a clear mistake from the referee."

  20. Love all this 'Dirty English' spiel on some of these comment threads. Got nothing on the 1990's french teams. Cheap shots galore

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