Robin Van Persie put an end to all the rumours

Robin Van Persie put an end to all the rumours of his transfer from Fenerbahce by saying that he is fully dedicated to the Turkish club.

The reports suggested that the Chelsea management had got in touch with the Dutchman to try and land him in London.

But, according to Van Persie, there hasn’t been any offer from any club.

When Van Persie had made the move from Old Trafford to Fenerbahce, he was believed to be going to find himself as the top guy over there straightaway, but, it has not proved to be the case.

He has not started as frequently as he would have expected himself to and in whatever playing time he has had, he has only been ordinary to say the least.

A solitary strike in 7 matches in the Turkish League is not something that is expected from the player of that calibre.

So, considering his situation at Fenerbahce, it was thought that he would be willing to accept Chelsea’s offer as well if it indeed had been made to him.

But, all the talks were dismissed by the striker in an interview yesterday.

Speaking about the transfer rumours, Van Persie said, “I have heard about it (the Chelsea link), but, there is no authenticity to it, let me tell you that. I’ve not been approached and I am quite happy being a part of Fenerbahce.”

Last week, Fenerbahce had also delivered a statement making clear that Van Persie is not up for sale as he holds a lot of value for the team at this point of time.

That statement read, “RVP is one of the most important players for Fenerbahce and there are no plans as of now to let go of him. He’s also looking to keep on playing for the club.”