Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was a huge influence to the victory at the just concluded Euro 2016 in France, even when he got injured early in the final against the hosts, he still affected the game a lot.

The Portuguese captain missed most of the actual game as he got injured before twenty minutes into the much anticipated final, yet he refused to fade into the background. He tried forcing himself to stay on but when he discovered he could not run, he left the game weeping but not before asking that his associate captain, Luis Nani, win the trophy for him.

France had the better possession throughout the game but Portugal were a very disciplined side during the duel. Ronaldo returned after the game was forced into half time, with his left leg bandaged due to the injury. He cheered the team on, chipping advices as required.

Ronaldo was the assistant manager, dishing orders and encouraging. France lost a very close chance through a Gignac attempt that hit the goal post despite him beating everyone including the goal keeper.   Few minutes later, precisely eleven minutes to the stop of the second half of the extra time, substitute Eder scores the screamer, leaving everyone stunned.  This time Ronaldo is standing all through as he awaits the record to break with Portugal being declared winners of the continental tournament. When the game ended, the players obviously overjoyed were ecstatic and full of joy.

Ronaldo took centre stage again going shirtless for no reason. The cameras were all over him and he gave them enough to take pictures. His shirt was returned as he was apparently to lead the team as captain to lift the trophy. The player, who some believe might win another Ballon D’or as he had lifted the UEFA Champions League for Real Madrid, led the Portuguese team as they lifted the title and the tournament was closed.