Ronaldo to miss first game

Cristiano Ronaldo will be missing Real Madrid first game of the season against Real Sociedad on Saturday.

The Portuguese international is still suffering from the injury sustained in the final of Euro 2016. The player is still receiving treatment and is expected to miss a couple of games at the start of the new season.

The player has just started training with the whole team, but he currently lacks match fitness. It is believed that the player will make his return to the team in the match against Celta Vigo that is scheduled for the 27th of August if there is no set back in his recovery.

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has stated that Cristiano Ronaldo will be given enough time to recover. He said that the Portuguese international is an important player in the team and that it is important that he remain in good condition if Real Madrid wants to win trophies. He said that he will be given time to get back into the team and that there is no urgency to rush him on the field. Zidane said that Real Madrid has quality players that can replace Cristiano Ronaldo at the moment and that there is no pressure to rush the player.

Cristiano Ronaldo has stated that he feels better and that he is currently focusing on building his strength. He said that he does not feel pain in his injury and that he need some time to regain his fitness. He believes that he will be back to his best soon and that he will be helping the team win games on the pitch. He said that Real Madrid has a great chance to win the title this season and that every player is determined to play their part.