Shane Williams’ last try and emotional interview


  1. Good old Shane he is missed in the Welsh side well and truly

  2. Shane was an awesome legend of a player , brilliant

  3. Sweet.

  4. One of the best. Legend.

  5. Somebody chopping onions!

  6. 3:16 haha, even the cameraman gives him a pat on the back!

  7. shane you little buety

  8. god bless Shane Williams

  9. Shane now has 160,000 more fans in Donegal, pity that try wasn't a winner, top man Shane. you are always welcome in Tir Chonaill.

  10. made me cry my fucking eyes out

  11. A humble courageous and a great man! He might be small but he's got a heart as big as that stadium! Beautiful beautiful way to end a LEGENDARY career! Im american and i love welsh rugby! My dad's side has welsh blood and this man never quit and gave it 110% every time! What a player! Watching him during the anthem…..brought a tear and lump to my throat! Shane, thank you sir!

  12. shane williams wil always be one best welsh players in this gen we need another like shane

  13. Am from Vanuatu,tears flowing…well done…RESPECT

  14. Ein arwr Cymraeg

  15. I love how he flipped when he did the try it was so cool. He's the shortest person (I'm only 5ft have been since i was 10 and am now 17. Don't think I'll grow any more) on the Welsh ruby team and won the game for them and it was his last game to.

  16. He should of kicked the conversion.

  17. From a Northen Hemisphere Rugby Supporter, You were a legend to me bro I am a Bok fan but Wales is one of the nations that will win World cup one day just keep on playing a fanastic rugby

  18. Fantastic Shane bach, there will never be another 'Magic Daps' Shane Williams. The king of the sidestep. Little fella, massive heart. Cymru am byth!!!

  19. I hope I can born a Welshman next time ! If their is a next time ?

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