Shane Williams’ stepping MASTERCLASS!


  1. You are an amazing coach! I'm from Guam and I play rugby for Simon Sanchez High School. Wish we had a Coach like You!

  2. Am I the only one that thinks he would've been a 7s god

  3. these are kiwi side steps…white man dont think like this or move like this

  4. WHACKED!!!

  5. Thank you

  6. check out Missy Eliot and Sierras….1 2 step

  7. any welsh speakers who can clarify what he says in welsh at the 0:18 mark?

  8. Roger Tuivasa & Shaun Johnson are the real masters of foot-work & steps !

  9. i have watched heaps of how to side step videos and this one is the only one i understand

  10. he is the best

  11. great rugby player

  12. English Shaun Johnson

  13. idiot!

  14. A great winger and a small guy too. Not in the same class as Jason Robinson though. I think I would have rather been run over by Lomu than try and stop Robinson one on one!

  15. Class player and definitely a go to guy for offensive plays but if you're really looking for the master of side steps.. Search Benji Marshall

  16. i am a south african but man this guy was good, small,fast,powerfull, a legend from the red dragon, wales i respect.

  17. shaun johnson and nehe milner-skudder check their steps out

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