The Greatest Goal ever scored by George Best

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  1. Its funny when Americans try and talk football

  2. The greatest 

  3. goerge best el mejor del mundo de la historia del futbol sin duda alguna 

  4. the americians diddnt know what was going on

  5. I wonder how the cheer leaders back then used to look like? ♥

  6. James:

    What he said to the ref after the goal was:

    “You’re a f*** wanker, that was for u you!!
    You f’n piece of ****. you’re noboy! I’m Goerge Best, And you are a horrible piece of S****…. that was for you!!! ”

    I sat and had a bevvy with Johnny Moore, who was a teammate at the time, and later the retired Earthquakes’ original General Manager.

    He remembers clearly.
    Johnny was on the pitch when it happens.

    Ha ha !!


  7. : James, I was at the game–Spartan Stadium, nose bleed seats with 2 youth soccer teammates. The reason George scored that goal is because he was righteously pissed off at the ref. I forget if ref wasn’t calling hacks against Best or if Best just got a card. I remember clearly he was absolutely LIVID before that goal at the ref. That is why you see Best having words with the ref after he scored.

  8. His dribbling skill is as great as maradona.

  9. G R E A T E S T ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  10. Best was from Northern Ireland, he’s British, and also he was better than any english footballer, that’s for sure.

  11. Yea yea, Eddie Gray ‘s dribble against Burnley was better.
    Best = over rated Irish piss head.

  12. Vintage George.

  13. i will pay to know what did he say to the referee LOL

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