Total Rugby Martin Johnson Captains Tale 2003


  1. Don't need to get pissy. Just stating some facts. If you don't like it you could always have a cry about it.

  2. Thanks?

  3. Not that awkward. That game against England was the ABs last game of the season and their only loss of the season. Not many other teams can claim a season like that. Every team has their good days and bad days.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the All Blacks have the best winning record of any rugby team in history. Not to mention the Webb Ellis cup in the trophy cabinet. I can live with the odd loss every now and then. It has become a rare occurance.

  4. Good for you England finally won a match against the best rugby team in the world.

  5. 38 – 21 to England. How ironic. But your comment was before that match. Shows what happens when you've got your head too far up your ass.

  6. Drop goal

  7. sacrificed his looks for the game… face battered.

  8. Damn is Martin Johnson fuckin ugly.

  9. Hahaha! But we did win at home against France without cheating. Didn't we? How can you call us chokers when we actually win? You're not the sharpest tool in the shed are you?

  10. Fuck off you cheating kiwi. You can't even win at home against France without cheating, fucking chokers and cunts

  11. i no you always win thats why you are ranked number one in the world . ill admit that you are the better team but at the end of the day its not about who wins its how you played and every time England play i see that they have the potential to play great but they dont play well as a whole team so go on say what you want about the English rugby team i dont give a shit but take this into account when you do you won the world cup twice we one it once so theres not that much of a difference.

  12. I am a true rugby fan. I enjoy watching rugby both live and highlights. I would consider winning the world cup a great moment for myself and my country but not the "Best moment in the world!" as I have a fulfilling life and actually do things that are worthwhile. Have fun with your English highlights. I hope you don't get too depressed when they play the All Blacks and lose.

  13. I have watched most of them. They tend to be a lot better than English highlights. There are a lot more of them and most of the time they win. Funny that huh? I bet you wish you could say the same about England.

  14. your not a true rugby fan if you think that winning the world cup is not a 'best moment' its every rugby players dream to take their home nation to the world cup and win. my grammar is terrible as im not really arced to type in full words to a fucking retarded New Zealander.

  15. why dont you watch some new Zealand rugby highlights then?

  16. Maybe because I am interested in rugby? No it couldn't possibly be that.

  17. Stupid fucking idiot? Have you seen your spelling and grammar? I would suggest that it was you who was the retard, but you have almost done that yourself without my help. Stay in school you definitely need an education. Maybe you should also stop playing rugby. As it would seem like you have had one too many blows to the head.

  18. oh by the way why are you watching this if your from new Zealand?

  19. get out from behind my computer? your on yours u stupid fucking idiot and do something worth while im still in school retard so fuck up fuck off and goodbye 😀

  20. Your own life must be pretty fucking boring then. Maybe you should get out from behind your computer/ TV and do something worth while… fucking idiot.

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