1. Huj ich opetał

  2. RIP JONAH LOMU.. I loved watching you play..You wer truly a once in a lifetime player.. Coming from a Wallabies supporter.. I will surely miss you as will the sport of rugby rest in peace champ.. You're Legacy will live on in the next gen of all blacks.. Love the ANZAC Spirit i hope it continues for many years to come.. And we finally beat you in the graveyard

  3. 02:03 even the godamn wheelchaired. Humans are some of the most amazing species.

  4. Extraordinar moment!

  5. What a fantastic traditional from syria greeting

  6. Had this been open, Eden Park would have packed and a bit too loud.. But hey.. That's Jonah..

  7. 關聖帝君的過五關斬六將~我無緣躬逢其盛!

  8. Inside a full stadium the haka sounds brilliant. Inside an empty stadium, it echoes and sounds even more vocal and moving.

  9. This is my favorite haka video. A family of teammates sending off one of their own as well as showing his family their respect and love is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I’m American but I have such a deep respect for this and for them to give their own member a sendoff is so beyond words beautiful to me I cannot even begin to express it

  10. This is absolutely beautiful. You can feel the love and respect. The haka is so powerful. RIP Jonah.

  11. The Islanders and especially Maori just love funerals, it is paid time off work and a chance to pig out on food then get pissed out of their brains
    This is your A-typical pacific us and them bullshit. Lomu was an adulterous and a dumb arse when it came to money, he is glorified because the Pacific is a low self-esteemed lost people driven by a primitive egotistical IQ. The whole problem with the pacific mentality is that they absolutely believe that they are better and more entitled than others, worst of all the tainted Maori influence has taken the whole show and turned the culture of the Pacific into a comedy show at a circus.

  12. it so beautiful word can not describe this unusual sound

  13. New Zealand shows how native and colonial cultures cana nd should intergrate

  14. The Haka of Wesley college’s current students is mindblowing – the passion, the savagery, the honour, the respect – truly wonderful.

  15. I don’t know why but the haka always makes me wanna cry

  16. Really Powerful Energy. RIP.

  17. No sense for the haka on a dead man!

  18. bande segpa

  19. What is the song or chant their singing as the doves are being prepared and released?

  20. This is so beautiful to honor a fallen brother. Very emotional

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