Tribute to RICHIE MCCAW – “Greatest FLANKER of all TIME”


  1. This dude always showed up.
    If a building fell on top of him, he would be swinging.

  2. To all the haters, Richie has won more international matches than all but 4 others have played.
    131 test match wins from 148 played. Suck on them eggs girls.

  3. Come on. Richie was a great player but why shut the door? Richie was the one of the greats. SO FAR.
    Did he even have a nickname, like Bam-Bam, or Melon, Bernie, the Beast…?

  4. because people dont notice all the hard work that is done by this guy.. were talking about a flanker determined in defence relentless on turnovers creating opportunity being at every brakedown for his team leading from the front.. he left the game the worlds number 7.. remember forwards do more then what the backs do lol.. this guy earned his tries not handed on a plate think about that.

  5. Proud Englishman here but I'm sure as hell am not afraid to say it, this guy is the GOAT

  6. Yup, he's the best of all time. Mind you, NZ has always produced the best loosies in the game. Every All Black side has had at least one or two truly world class loosies, quite often we've been lucky enough to have three. It's been our mastery of this aspect of Rugby which has been a mainstay since we began kicking the oval ball here. Sure, we've had one or two hiccups here and there with some bad selections. Moreover, there have been other notables outside of NZ, from time to time, but one or two swallows don't make a summer.

  7. exactly the work ethics as mealamu…

  8. a very good player, maybe the greatest  rugby cheater of all time

  9. I am a huge fan of Richie Mccaw he is my favourite player and he inspires me to be a better flank

  10. Greatest Flanker? nah mate, Greatest Rugby Player of ALL Time

  11. The greatest of camera nowadays they can see clearly your scored. Was nice players. After all this years is their brain and physical okay?

  12. What is the music in the background?

  13. The epitome of great sportsmanship, dedication and courage. A quiet, humble and understated man, McCaw loved every aspect of rugby. His commitment and taciturn demeanour, even in the heat of battle, are exemplary. He is as talented as Ronaldino, without all the Prima Donna antics and dirty play. A true sporting legend, worthy of many accolades.

  14. Beast…!

  15. McCaw!!

  16. Hummm… no.. Dusautoire is best ahah ^^'
    But McCow is very impressive đŸ˜‰

  17. Its a real shame that instead of simply acknowledging one of the world's greatest players, people feel they have to put McCaw down and extol the merits of other players. Whether you believe he was the greatest player ever or not he is still worthy of respect because of his accomplishments. The stats don't lie and no player will ever equal his success in international tests . If you are a real rugby union lover you have to acknowledge that.

  18. You spelt player wrong. It's spelt P L A Y E R not FLANKER.

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